Attention Online Business Owners… If you've ever wanted to pull your hair out, trying to communicate with someone to create a website, this Report is for you!


"How To Talk To Your WebMaster -
So You Get What You Want
– The First Time, Every Time"


You won't believe how easy it is to

  • Find a webmaster who is happy to see your emails

  • Create shortcuts that save you days of going back and forth

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From: Jeanette Cates

Dear Fellow Online Marketer, 

If you're like many people I talk to who market online, you're frustrated! You're tired of 

  • Webmasters who ignore you for weeks at a time – without getting that typo corrected!

  • Sites you're embarrassed to send traffic to – because they need updating and it's just so much work to find someone to do the job!

  • Spending all your time telling someone else what to do – then ending up doing it yourself!

It's such a pain! In fact, many people actually prefer doing their own web design, rather than deal with hiring, training and communicating with a webmaster.

But it's not the Webmaster's fault!

You see, a webmaster loves to make your website look good. They like to be sure it's functioning properly. They like to get into the code and tweak it so it's "cool." They want to experiment with new techniques. They want to talk "techie" with other webmasters.

They don't like having to teach you, the client, how a website works.

They don't like marketing.

They don't care about conversion stats – except which HTML code they can use to track it.

They don't like talking to you! It takes time away from their coding and "cool stuff."

They don't want to make the decisions about your website – that only you are qualified to make!

In short, they are very focused on what they love to do – and what they do best. And isn't that really what you want? Someone who does it well and quickly – so you don't have to!

So where's the problem?

It all boils down to a breakdown in the communication process. You speak your marketing language; they speak "webmaster-ese." As any linguist will tell you, something's gotta give!

So you have a choice. You can either continue to ride the merry-go-round of frustration that you've been experiencing – or you can take action.

Is there a solution?

Hi, I'm Dr. Jeanette Cates, The Technology Tamer™ I've spent the past 25 years helping people make friends with technology. And the web is no exception!

When I started my business in 1996, I designed web sites for friends. It quickly became a regular source of revenue for me. Even though I recognized that my true passion lay with teaching and creating products, I continued to do my own web design work until 2000.

That's when I started the quest for the Perfect Webmaster. And though I won't say it's perfect, I will say I've come pretty close to the Utopia you dream of…

  • Where you send off a request at 8pm and the site is finished and waiting for you at 8am.

  • Where you request a header graphic and ebook cover today and it's ready tomorrow.

  • Where you can create a product on Monday and sell it online on Tuesday.

That's why I wrote this special report. I wanted to share what I've learned along the way – to make your relationship with your webmaster a happy and productive one for both of you!

What's Inside?

How to Talk To Your Webmaster is a concise summary of what you – the business owner – needs to know about your website. Inside you'll find

  • The truth about web designers – and why that may not be the person you need!

  • Five places to find a webmaster – and how to leverage each of them.

  • Seven questions to ask when interviewing a webmaster – even via email.

  • Five tips for a successful working relationship – and how you control each of them.

  • The basic website process, illustrated in a flowchart, as well as in words. You've never seen it made easier!

  • The six parts of your request that are critical. Skip one of these and you'll be playing "tag" again!

  • Ready-to-use site standards that will save you hours of agonizing over what you want – and will have your webmaster singing your praises.

  • The domain-specific information that saves you a slew of emails going back and forth.

Plus, you'll get the Insider's Tips that turn your business into a site-generating machine! You'll find yourself enjoying your business again when you have all of these in place.

Yes, I want my copy now!

What if you don't have a webmaster?

I realize that many people reading this are their own webmaster. So let's consider that perspective. When you learn what a professional webmaster needs, in terms of information, to do the job quickly and efficiently, you'll find that:

  • You actually take control of your web development process. Instead of piecemealing it - doing one thing at a time - you'll find yourself following a process. It requires less thought and prevents errors.

  • When you have already set the standards and follow the procedure, you'll make all of your decisions one time. No more agonizing over each step. You can save hours with this tactic alone!

  • And finally, when you come to the point where you need to expand your business – or bring in some help to keep your business going while you're out having other fun – you'll find it a painless transition. You'll be able to double your productivity!

You've convinced me. I need it now!

Okay, I'm ready to buy! How Much Is This Solution?

You're probably wondering what it will cost you to get this incredible time-saving information - information that will cut down on your frustration and move you toward that site-generating Utopia I mentioned. Right now it's only $17!

Yes, for the price of a nice dinner you will have all of the information you need to start and continue a success-building conversation with your webmaster.

So if you're serious about your online business, click the "Buy Now" button below. If you need to justify the expense, just skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for.

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Enjoy your online business again! 

Jeanette S Cates, PhD
Online Success Expert

P.S. What is your time worth? If you save even one email exchange by providing clear guidance on the first message, you'll save 15-30 minutes. And that's worth a LOT - in time, money and frustration. Order today and start talking to your Webmaster.